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Use Of Manual Pulse Generator

               Hand-cranked pulse generator is mainly used in CNC machine tools to guide CNC Machine work origin settings, manual mode of stepper fine-tuning, machining interrupt insertion and other actions. The band switch is used for the selection of axes and magnification, and the pulse generator is used for the generation of pulses to facilitate system acquisition.Manual Pulse Generator

               Hand-cranked pulse generator is suitable for all kinds of CNC CNC system machine tools and automation equipment, can be compatible with a variety of brand CNC systems, applicable to Siemens, Germany (Siemens), Mitsubishi, Japan (Shosha), FANUC, Spain (FAGOR), France num, Heidenhain (heidenhain), Taiwan Treasure (LNC), New Generation (Syntec), Kendi (KND), wide number (GSK), Four open (SKY), huaxing (washing), Central China (HNC), open, Omori (Dasen), Aerospace (CASNUC), Guang Tai (large) and other domestic and foreign CNC systems and applicable to pc-base and other controllers.Manual Pulse Generator

               Hand-cranked pulse generator according to the supply voltage, resolution, signal output of different types of classification, thus forming a variety of CNC control systems for the handheld units. The hand-cranked pulse generator shell uses the high strength material to withstand the impact, the shield weaves the network signal transmission line anti-interference, the PU skin abrasion-resistant oil. The encoder adopts non-contact optical detection structure, and the accuracy is unchanged after millions of use. The machine is attached with a magnet and is fitted with a hook to facilitate installation.Manual Pulse Generator