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Use Of Absolute Encoder

     Encoder is a device which converts angular displacement or linear displacement into electric gmp36-3530. The former becomes a code plate, which is called a yardstick. According to the readout mode, the encoder can be divided into two types: contact type and non-contact type.Absolute Encoder
     Contact with brush output, a brush contact with the conductive zone or insulation to indicate the status of the code is "1" or "0"; the non-contact receiving sensitive element is a photosensitive element or a magnetic sensitive element, which uses a photosensitive element to indicate whether the state of the code is "1" or "0". Feedback motor phase of the foot, encoder, mainly its closed-loop control, mainly to determine the speed of the motor. The position of the induction motor rotor. Provide feedback sgm48ge for the front controller. Detection of the motor's steering, speed and rotor angle, it is half closed loop control of the detection element.Absolute Encoder
     There are two kinds of uses: one is to measure the rotational speed of the motor on the axle, and the other to measure the phase so that the external circuit drives the motor. According to the working principle encoder can be divided into incremental and absolute two categories. The incremental encoder is to convert the displacement into a periodic tgp01s-a130, and then turn the tgp01s-a130 into a counting pulse, using the number of pulses to indicate the size of the displacement. Each position of an absolute encoder corresponds to a determined number, so its value is only related to the starting and ending position of the measurement, regardless of the intermediate process of measurement.Absolute Encoder
     From proximity switches, photoelectric switches to rotary encoders, industrial control positioning, proximity switches, photoelectric switch applications have been quite mature, encoders, and very useful. However, the encoder, with the continuous development of industrial control, also has the new request, thus, chooses the Rotary encoder the application merit to be prominent: the informationization: Absolute Encoder
    Besides the localization, the control room can also know its specific position; flexibility: Positioning can be adjusted flexibly in the control room; a rotary encoder for the size of a fist , can measure from several μ to a few Baisi meters distance, n position, as long as the solution of a Rotary encoder safety installation problems, can avoid many proximity switches, photoelectric switch in the field of mechanical installation trouble, easy to be hit bad and high temperature, water vapor problems. Because it is a light code disk, no mechanical loss, as long as the installation location is accurate, its service life is often very long.Absolute Encoder