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The Structure And Working Principle Of Incremental Encoder

                An incremental encoder, also known as an incremental encoder, is an incremental encoder, which is an encoder that generates a signal based on a rotational motion, which is scaled for each pulse increment. An incremental encoder is often used with a mechanical conversion device (such as a rack-gear, measuring wheel, or mandrel) for measuring linear motion. The incremental encoder is often used for position control and motor speed feedback, including servo, industrial applications or heavy-duty applications. It can provide excellent speed and position feedback, and the system architecture is simple and inexpensive. Since an incremental encoder can only provide a signal of position change, a reference point is generally needed to establish 0 bits of the current system in practical applications.Incremental Encoder

                An incremental encoder can output a specific number of pulses. The output signal can be a single signal or a two-way AB signal, and the direction of rotation can be detected by phase difference. This AB signal is called orthogonal signal. The incremental encoder is mainly composed of axes, PCB and casing. The PCB includes a sensor and a signal processing circuit for generating two main AB signals. In addition, a A-time Z-signal can be provided for the detection of the origin or for the correction of the AB signal.Incremental Encoder

                The incremental photoelectric encoder mainly consists of a light source, a code plate, a detection grating, a photoelectric detection device and a conversion circuit. On the code plate, there is an equal radiating gap between the two adjacent two light gaps, which represents an increment period, and the detection grating is engraved with a and b set of optical gaps corresponding to the code plate to pass through or block the lighting between the light source and the photoelectric detecting device. Their pitch is equal to the pitch on the disk, and the two groups of light transmission gap staggered 1/4 knots, so that the photoelectric detection device output signal in the phase difference of 90 ° electrical angle. When the disk is rotated with the measured hinge, the grating is not moved light through the code plate and detection grating through the gap irradiation to the photoelectric detection device, photoelectric detection device on the output of two sets of phase difference 90 ° electrical angle of the approximate sine wave of the electrical signal, signal processing through the conversion circuit, you can get the axis of rotation or speed information.Incremental Encoder