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The Real Security Of Multi-Turn Encoder

True sense of security - absolute value true multi-turn encoders. Absolute multiturn encoders, (GAX60 series, GEX60 series, GEX38 series), are all within the full range of high precision mechanical gear driven by the full range of true multi-circle absolute encoder (mechanical watch gear), this encoder technology As the absolute value of the multi-turn encoder international standard, is the true sense of the only "absolute value".Multi-Turn Encoder Its internal non-contact absolute value digital coding measurement principle, no need to count, no battery, no need to rely on power failure memory, all the location is absolutely unique, not afraid of interference is not afraid of power failure, not only can measure within 360 degrees, you can also rely on the internal watch The gears are measured in absolute values at multiple angles, and are truly "safe" angle sensors.Multi-Turn Encoder

Measure the number of turns and the resolution of each circle: GAX60 series for the measurement of 4096 laps, 4096 resolution per cycle; GEX60 series and GEX38 series for the measurement of 64 laps, the total measurement resolution of 14 16384. Absolute value multi-turn encoder as the arm of the rotation angle of the monitoring, or the height of the boom, car position monitoring, is the real choice, is the tower crane black box manufacturers need to focus on the product.Multi-Turn Encoder

Whether it is product technology or product quality, and product cost, are safe and reliable user products, with an important guarantee of market competitiveness. Not only greatly reduces the on-site maintenance costs, but also brings the tower crane working environment real security.Multi-Turn Encoder Easy to install: a great solution has been plagued by the screw machine manufacturers supporting the use of absolute encoder installation problems, or even directly installed in the back of the motor to use, suitable for use in the stage upgrade, water gate opening and other occasions, the number of laps can be customized To a maximum of 65,536 laps. Multi-Turn Encoder High-precision digital, can guarantee the accuracy of the screw machine to achieve within 1mm. A variety of signal options: RS485, 4-20mA, CANOPEN, PROFIBUS-DP, MODBUS, SSI, a wide range of field signal selection.Multi-Turn Encoder

The use of watches and more real circle how to circle the way, really reach the real circle of high reliability structure, no dead zone, no external battery. Compared with the imported encoder has a low price, cost-effective, fast delivery and customer satisfaction with the quality of after-sales service.Multi-Turn Encoder