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The Principle Of Absolute Encoder

             The absolute rotary Photoelectric encoder has been widely used in the angle, length measurement and positioning control of various industrial systems because of its absolute uniqueness, anti-jamming and no need to lose memory.Absolute Encoder

             Absolute Encoder Optical Code plate has a number of lines, each line in turn to 2 lines, 4 lines, 8 lines, 16 lines ... Choreography, thus, in every position of the encoder, by reading the pass and dark of each notch, obtaining a set of 2 encoded (gray code), which is called the N-bit absolute encoder, from 2 to 0 to 2 n-1. This encoder is determined by the mechanical position of the code plate, which is not affected by power outages and disturbances. Absolute Encoder is determined by the mechanical location of the uniqueness of each position, it does not need to remember, no reference point, and do not have to count, when you need to know the location, when to read its location. In this way, the anti-interference characteristic of encoder and the reliability of data are greatly improved.Absolute Encoder

             Since the absolute encoder is obviously superior to the incremental encoder in positioning, it has been applied to the industrial control location more and more. Absolute encoder because of its high precision, output bit number, such as still use parallel output, its a-bit output signal must ensure that the connection is very good, for more complex operating conditions are also isolated, connection cable core number, resulting in a lot of inconvenience and reduce reliability, therefore, absolute encoder in the multiple-digit output type, the general choice of serial output or the total line output, the German production of absolute encoder serial output is the most commonly used SSI (synchronous serial output).Absolute Encoder