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The Nature Of Energy Storage System

      We usually use an incremental encoder, which can input the output pulse signal of the incremental encoder directly to the PLC, and use the high-speed counter of PLC to count the pulse signal to obtain the measurement result. Different models and different manufacturers of the incremental encoder, the output pulse phase number is also different, some rotary encoder output A, B, z three-phase pulse, some only a, b phase, the simplest only a phase. There is a maximum of a, A +, a-, B, B +, A-Z, z+, z three three-phase pulse.Energy Storage System

     The commonly used incremental encoders have 5 leads, of which 3 are pulse output lines, 1 are COM ends, and 1 are power cords (OC Gate output type). The encoder power supply can be external power supply, also can directly use PLC $literal power supply. The power supply "-" end is connected with the encoder's COM end, "+" with the encoder's power side.Energy Storage System

     The COM end of the encoder is connected with the PLC input COM end, A, B, z two-phase pulse output line directly with the PLC input end connection, a, B for the difference of 90 degrees of pulse, Z believe that the encoder in the rotation of a circle only a pulse, is usually used to do 0 points of the basis, the connection should pay attention to the PLC input response time. Rotary Encoder also has a shielding line, the use of shielding line grounding, improve anti-jamming.Energy Storage System

    As a, b two-phase difference 90 degrees, can be compared by a phase before or B phase before, to determine the positive and reverse encoder, through 0-bit pulse, can obtain the encoder 0-bit reference.Energy Storage System

     The encoder code plate is made of glass, metal, plastic, and the glass Code plate is deposited on the glass thin line, its thermal stability is good, high precision, metal code plate directly and not through the line, not easy to break, but because the metal has a certain thickness, the accuracy of the limit, the thermal stability of the glass than a magnitude of the difference, the plastic code plate is economical , its cost is low, but the precision, the thermal stability, the life expectancy are some. Resolution-The encoder is provided at a rate of 360 degrees per rotation, known as resolution, also known as Analytic division, or directly to the number of lines, generally in each 5~10000 line.Energy Storage System