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The Characteristics Of Absolute Encoder

             The absolute encoder is a rotating disk with a plurality of transparent and opaque windows, a light receiver to collect the intermittent beams, the pulses are converted into electrical pulses, processed by an electronic output circuit, and the electrical pulses are sent out.Absolute Encoder

              Single-ring absolute encoder Even in the case of power off, as long as the encoder axis rotation of an angle can be a precise displacement value, and each displacement value can be accurately converted to gray code or binary code. The maximum resolution of Eltra single ring encoder is up to 8,192 bits/rpm (13 bits).Absolute Encoder

              A. Encoder is divided into: domestic and import. Two. Ben encoder is divided into: incremental (the higher the precision of the pulse higher), absolute value (single lap and more than the number of laps higher precision higher). Three. Ben Encoder is divided into: single lap, many laps. Four. Ben Encoder According to the principle is divided into: Magnetic encoder, Photoelectric encoder five. Ben Encoder Outlet mode is divided into: side outlet, after the six.  The encoder shaft is divided into: 6MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM, 14MM, 25MM. Seven. The shape of the Ben Encoder is divided into: solid shaft, blind hole, through hole. Eight. Ben Encoder protection is divided into: ip54-ip68. Nine. Ben Encoder installation method is divided into: clamping flange, synchronous flange, tighten with synchronous flange, blind hole (spring piece, hold tight), through hole (Spring piece, key pin) 10. Ben Absolute Encoder accuracy is divided into: single lap precision and multiple-ring precision, add up to the total accuracy, that is, the number of usual bits (conventional 10-bit, 12-bit, 13-bit, 16-bit, multi-circle 24, 25, 30, 32-bit). $number. Ben Absolute Encoder Communication protocol baud rate: 4800~, $number, 115200bit/s, default is 9600bit/s. The refresh period is about 1.5ms 12. Ben Absolute encoder output Optional: SSI, 4-20ma, 0-10v, Profibus, devicenet, parallel, binary code, BISS, ISI, CANopen, Endat and Hiperface 13. Ben Encoder commonly used specifications: Be58s10r10f5000-xbe, be1322sm58-n011, BE1622SM58, BE622SM58, besm58-n011, besm58-011, BE122SM58, BE1822SM58, be420sm58 and so on.Absolute Encoder