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The Basic Characteristics Of The Tool Post Encoder

           1. Encoder temperature: -60℃~+120℃ Optional

           2. Ben Encoder protection is divided into: ip54-ip68.

           3. Encoder Speed: 500r/min~40000r/min

           4. Ben encoder is divided into: solid shaft, blind hole, through hole.

           5. Ben Encoder outlet method is divided into: side outlet, after the outlet

           6. Ben encoder is divided into: Magnetic encoder, Photoelectric encoder

           7. Encoder function: Accurate detection angle, position, speed, number of laps ...

           8. General appearance of encoder: 18MM, 38MM, 58MM, 66MM, 80MM.

           9. Ben encoder is divided into: incremental type, absolute value (single ring, multi-ring).

           10. Ben Absolute Encoder axis is divided into: 6MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM, 14MM, 25MM.

           11. Ben Encoder installation method is divided into: clamping flange, synchronous flange, tighten with synchronous flange, blind hole (spring piece, hold tight), through hole (spring plate, key pin)Tool Post Encoder

           12. Ben Encoder Communication protocol baud rate: 4800~, $number, $number, 115200bit/s, default is 9600bit/s. The refresh cycle is about 1.2ms

           13. Ben Absolute Encoder precision is divided into: single lap precision and multi-ring precision, add up is usually said how many bits (conventional single lap 10,             12, 13, 16, 20, multiple laps 24, 25, 30, 32 ...). )。Tool Post Encoder

           14. Ben Absolute encoder output Optional: SSI, 4-20MA, 0-10V, Profibus, DEVicenet, parallel, binary code, BiSS, CANopen, Endat and Hiperface 15. Ben Encoder Common specifications: BESM58, be1322sm58-n011, besm58-011, BE122SM58, BE1822SM58, BE420SM58, be1622sm58-n011, etc.Tool Post Encoder