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Resolution And Accuracy Of Absolute Encoder

      Absolute Encoder is also divided into single rotation absolute and multiple rotation absolute type two kinds. A single rotation absolute encoder can only record the corresponding values for each angle in a circle. Unable to remember the number of laps; the multi-rotational absolute encoder can not only record the corresponding values of each angle in a circle, but also record the rotation of a few laps, so it will have two strands of output, a record of the number of loops, a record of the rotation of data per lap.Absolute Encoder
      The resolution and accuracy of encoders are not necessarily equal, and the accuracy is determined by various factors, such as engraving line, machine concentricity, reading response speed and temperature characteristic. If an encoder is used for high resolution by dividing the sine wave, its accuracy is not improved, and the subdivision improves the resolution only. The accuracy and resolution of the photoelectric encoder depend on the accuracy and resolution of the optical code disk. That depends on the number of lines. At present, it has been able to produce radial line width of 6 7x10^-8. The accuracy of the 1x10^-8. Obviously, the accuracy of the encoder is much higher than that of the contact type. If the optical decomposition technology is further adopted, more photoelectric encoders can be obtained.Absolute Encoder
      Incremental encoder, in the rotation process, can output two groups or more than two groups, there are periodic changes and phase timing difference of the encoder. Can rotate 360 degrees, in the rotation process, can produce a high, low level of periodic changes in the output signal, there is no fixed starting point and endpoint, can stop or start in any position, when used, generally do not pay attention to the results of stopping the position, only emphasize the process of signal change.Absolute Encoder
      Absolute Encoder is determined by the mechanical location of the uniqueness of each location, relative to the incremental encoder, it does not need to remember, no need to find reference points, and do not have to count, when you need to know the location, when to read its location. In this way, the anti-interference characteristic of encoder and the reliability of data are greatly improved. At the same time, the future of ENDAT2.2 Encoder provides on-line diagnostic function and temperature sensor transmission function, which can monitor the operation State of encoder and the temperature of encoder and motor. According to the need of the system, the encoder of the ENDAT2 2 interface can also provide functionality based on security standards.Absolute Encoder