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Performance Of The Incremental Encoder

    For example, the printer, the internal encoder, the structure is simple, a lot of the shell is not, almost without talking about temperature, dustproof waterproof and electromagnetic compatibility, the price is extremely cheap. Chip level: Low price, at present, some foreign semiconductor chip manufacturers to provide, or downstream manufacturers simple package, no shell or simple shell, power and signal only simple processing, suitable for manufacturers two times circuit development, receiving line interval encoder should not exceed 50cm, some flowmeter, valve manufacturers Choose this grade, This kind of encoder protection and electromagnetic compatibility anti-interference, should be developed by two of manufacturers to take into account, if not understand, more easily caused damage.Incremental Encoder
    Economy-class already has simple encapsulation and simple processing, apply to stand-alone equipment, for example, the Embroidery machine class, but the economic level is characterized by a comparison with the industrial level of economic, its design and selection are located in economic benefits, not suitable for large-scale equipment, pipeline and engineering projects, and industrial-level design, selection and testing are in accordance with the standard industry requirements to do , suitable for a variety of industrial equipment, assembly lines and engineering projects, the two levels of the typical difference, from the appearance and parameters of the table to see the difference is as follows.Incremental Encoder
    The economic-grade shaft bearings are single bearings (some of the chip-grade are not ball bearings), some economic bearings outside is fixed by the clamp, you can see the card spring (pictured below), some more intelligent, bearing the front add a part to cover the card spring, single bearing in the use of a period of time, due to the single force support, The accuracy of the nature is difficult to ensure that the tightness is also poor.Incremental Encoder
    The industrial grade is double ball bearing structure, multiple balance support point, shaft precision, impact resistance, sealing is high. Double bearing structure, for the shaft machining accuracy and installation accuracy requirements are very high, because if the accuracy is not enough, because of the interaction of two of bearings, turn up there is a "card" feeling, so take the axis to turn, you can also feel the precision of the shaft. Surprisingly, some nominal "high-precision" encoder, bearing is also a single bearing method, its "high-precision" in the long-term use, I do not know how to guarantee.Incremental Encoder