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Performance Of Multi-Turn Encoder

     Now a lot of people think that the higher the number of encoder lines, the higher the control precision of the servo motor, so that some people simply consider is not their own equipment control precision is not pure to pursue a high encoder line number of servo motor. The main cost of the servo motor is the encoder, the higher the encoder precision, the cost of the more expensive, for some not too clear popularity spend undeserved money.Multi-Turn Encoder
     The encoder has a line of 10000; This is a false pursuit of ignorance, the 10000-notch encoder that you pay for is probably not going to help you, but will cause you a lot of trouble. The encoder category should be consistent with the servo motor's properties: to be consistent with the servo motor's properties, the encoder of the DC servo motor, The line must be matched with the number of slots in the DC motor, the encoder of the AC servo motor, the number of the line and the pole of the AC motor, phase number; The purpose is to engrave the line is the motor stepper integer times, so that the coded detection signal will be an integer, there will be no decimal, no deviation; the so-called incremental and Absolute encoder, the difference is that the former is only the second hand, No minute hand, hour timer.Multi-Turn Encoder
     The role of the encoder, mainly to detect the actual operation of the servo steps, the number of cycles, and can output the actual operation required information, such as the starting position, steering, ... The aim of the system is to accurately control the position, displacement and speed of the workpiece, which is not exactly the exact number of the encoder, as long as the encoder can accurately detect the steps.Multi-Turn Encoder
     Low-grade encoder is usually only the power of positive and negative, signal Abzählreim, may be voltage output or set electrode open-circuit output; Most high-end encoders have long-term output, if the distance is short, can be a-b-and power supply to short, also can be used. Source, current is flow from the terminal, with PNP transistor output characteristics, leakage type (sink), the current is from the terminal flow into the NPN transistor output characteristics.Multi-Turn Encoder