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Operation Properties Of Multi-Turn Encoder

     Some of the tower crane black box manufacturers selected potentiometers as a turning point of control, there are some manufacturers selected 10-bit single absolute value of the parallel signal encoder, are not in line with the crane safety monitoring requirements. Potentiometer whether the resolution or precision is too low, the contact touch of the working principle of the unreliability, more can not be used in security equipment.Multi-Turn Encoder

     Single-loop absolute value 10-bit parallel encoder, depending on the external mechanical reducer to reach three laps of the range, 10 bit 1024 resolution has been slightly below 1080, but also through the mechanical deceleration of the return error, its resolution is also barely dine, and precision because of the error of the rotary gear and worse, if Strictly required, Also can not meet the safety black box standard. Therefore, the monitoring of the collision-proof angle of the tower Crane's black box must use the higher-digit absolute-number multiple-circle encoder to really meet the requirements of the Crane's black box monitoring standard.Multi-Turn Encoder

    High precision mechanical gear driven full stroke true multi-circle Absolute encoder (mechanical watch-and-pinion), the encoder technology for the encoder manufacturers to represent the absolute value of the multi-ring encoder international norms, is the true meaning of the only "absolute value." Multi-Turn Encoder

     The internal is the Non-contact absolute value Digital coding measurement principle, no need to count, no battery, no need to rely on blackout memory, all positions are absolutely unique, not afraid of interference, not only can be measured within 360 degrees, but also rely on the internal watch-type gear in the multi-circle angle absolute value measurement, is the real meaning of "security" Angle sensor.Multi-Turn Encoder

    The encoder shell must be without screws fully sealed, otherwise the water vapor easily immersed in the impact of the Encoder optical system, encoder instability and even scrap (like wearing glasses afraid of water vapor). So the protective grade shell to reach IP65 above, look from the appearance, is the shell without screws metal seal.Multi-Turn Encoder