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Monitoring And Control System Of Coding For Video Management And Storage More Efficient

According to the IMSResearch study found that at the time of steady development of simulation technology, IP video is 30% growth in stride a year chasing simulation market. Two different monitoring systems cannot be joint development? In addition to technical applications are different, in most cases, there is not much overlap between them.

IP video improves the picture quality, improve management and reduce the operating costs of the system. In addition, it provides a platform for future-oriented, good network time for the age of megapixel and HD ready.

Video encoders with analog cameras in the input signal into a digital video stream, common compression standards, such as M-JPEG,MPEG-4 or H.264 output video format is the same, and can be fully integrated into the network cameras and network video systems. Codec has built-in features include motion detection, tamper alarm and video analysis.