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Introduction To The Working Principle Of Tool Post Encoder

     The RC filter circuit consists of a resistor (2) and a capacitor (3). After all the signal output terminals of the electric turret are connected in series with the protection circuit of the utility model, can prevent DC power inverter and operating over-voltage, high harmonic voltage and instantaneous over-current impact damage, the Power input terminal series of the protection circuit of the utility model, can ensure that the letter tray Hall elements stable work point. There is the name of inquiry, knife switch.Tool Post Encoder
     Transmission code after the channel transmission, into the decoder, and become suitable for the circuit processing of the zero-code. The clock is presented from the transmission code by using the clocks extraction circuit, which is used for processing the serial code stream. The scrambling circuit transforms the signal data into pseudo random sequence, eliminates the discrete spectral component in the data stream, makes the signal power evenly distributed within the allocated bandwidth, and the serial code flow is changed into the parallel code stream, and the parallel number depends on the modulation method adopted. Error-Correcting coding can reduce the BER of the system.Tool Post Encoder
     Gray code to Gray code to complete the transformation, because gray code transmission error rate is low. The differential coding is used to solve the phase ambiguity problem in carrier recovery, because the D/a converter can only transform natural binary code to multilevel therefore, before d/a transform, we need to transform gray/natural code, then by D/A transform, the multiple-bit code elements into multi-level signals, the role of the mesh equalizer is to transform the multi-level signal into a narrow pulse to meet the transfer function of the input pulse requirements.Tool Post Encoder
     Then into the modulator for modulation, the frequency is generally 70MHz or 140MHz, after the modulation of the if signal after the delay equalization and if amplification, sent to the letter mixer, the intermediate frequency modulated signal and the letter of the signal is mixed frequency after the microwave has been modulated signal. After the one-way, RF amplifier and shunt filter, the output power and frequency requirements of the microwave have been adjusted signal, sent to the feed system through the antenna to the other side.Tool Post Encoder