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Introduction To The Characteristics Of Absolute Encoder

     This encoder is characterized by no counter? A fixed number of digits corresponding to the position can be read at any position in the hinge. Obviously, the more the code path, the higher the resolution? For an encoder with n-bit binary resolution? The code plate must have n barcode path. At present, there are 16-digit absolute encoder products in China.Absolute Encoder

     Absolute Encoder is the use of natural binary or circular binary system Grimes code mode for photoelectric conversion.Absolute Encoder The absolute encoder and the incremental encoder are different from the light, opaque line graphics on the disc, and the absolute encoder can have a number of codes. According to the code on the readout code? The absolute position is detected.

    Code design can be used binary code, loop code, binary complement and so on. It is characterized that the absolute value of the angular coordinates can be read directly without cumulative error, and the position information will not be lost after the power is removed. But is the resolution determined by the number of digits in the binary? That is, the precision depends on the number of digits? There are 10, 14 and so many.Absolute Encoder

    On the encoder optical Code plate There are many light channel carved lines, each line in turn to 2 lines, 4-line, 8-line, 16-line arrangement, so that, in every position of the encoder, by reading the pass and dark of each line, a set of 0-encoded (gray code) is obtained from 2 2 to 2 n-1. This is called the N-bit absolute encoder. Such encoders are determined by the mechanical position of the optical encoder, which is not affected by power outages and disturbances.Absolute Encoder