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Encoder Technology

The three most famous encoder methods based on optical technology, magnetic or capacitive technology. In simple terms, optical technology using grooved disc, one side is LED and phototransistor on the opposite side. When the disc turns, the optical path is blocked, get pulse indicates the axis of rotation and direction. Optical methods are low cost and high efficiency, but two factors make the decline in the reliability of optical encoder: contaminants such as dirt, dust, and oil will interfere with the optical path, and LED service life is limited, usually within a few years the brightness loss more than half was eventually burned out.

In addition to using the magnetic field rather than outside the beam, magnetic encoder structure similar to the Optical Encoder. Magnetic disk used for encoding instead of the grooved wheel disks in a set of magnetic sensor turned on, response is produced in these sensors, passed to the signal-conditioning front-end circuit, used to identify the axis position. Although the high durability of the encoder, but vulnerable to electromagnetic interference from motor, precision than optical encoder.