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Development Of Video Encoder Video

Network-based real-time video application has been active in the traditional vertical markets, network video is a challenging field. Next-generation video systems must take into account high-definition resolution, support for multiple stream and the agreement, across a local area network, Internet, and mobile Internet broadcasting, recording and broadcasting, on-demand applications.

Video conference system is born in order to satisfy full duplex video communication. Through video conference, video conferencing Terminal and access unit for multi-point video duplex communication system, exclusive network of people through dedicated systems and offsite meetings. The emergence of this system can be shortened to an offsite meeting costs, reducing the frequency and shorten decision time. Such as Polycom video conference systems, Cisco's telepresence systems are part of the system.

Video surveillance system is designed to meet both born out of view regardless of video information. Cameras, storage server and forwarding server over the network, you can build a typical video surveillance system. By client or monitoring center wall of TV, you can watch video information regardless of space should be used for emergency, safety monitoring, intelligent transportation, and other occasions.