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Considerations For Multi-Turn Encoder

                The multiple-loop absolute encoder is identified by a eam starter. It is an extension of the application range of the single loop encoder. This type of encoder has a single lap resolution of up to 8,192 bits/rpm, while its multiple laps count can reach 4096 laps, and we can make an elastic expansion measurement of the linear motion attachment according to the customer's requirements. The attachment on the spindle allows the encoder to ' cascade ' the installation of one or more reducer so that the encoder can also ensure accurate readings when it is off. The encoder resolution of the Eltra is currently up to 25 digits, which is equivalent to 33,553,432 locations. The encoder performance is good and safe. The Eltra multi-ring Encoder has a wide range of optional electrical output and mechanical properties.Multi-Turn Encoder

                Absolute Encoder is a precision instrument, do not knock or impact, lightly take care of, careful use. Ensure the absolute value Encoder power supply within the rated range, and do a good job in isolation, to prevent large-scale starting electrical power in the grid to the absolute encoder impact in the strong electromagnetic interference environment, the signal line is best to use dedicated lines, such as twisted double shielded cable.Multi-Turn Encoder

               Absolute encoder signal line should be good grounding: within 2 meters of the close range, the cable inside the shielding network at both ends should be grounded, a longer distance, the absolute value of the encoder metal shell grounding, with a cable shielding network, the signal lengthened cable shielding network is grounded at a single end of the signal receiving terminal; If the signal cable is longer or outdoors, the signal cable should be sheathed on the metal casing and the metal tube ends are grounded. The absolute encoder axis and mechanical connection shall be selected with a special flexible coupling.Multi-Turn Encoder