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Application Of Gemple Absolute Value Multi-Turn Encoder In The Black Box Of Tower Crane

            According to the National Twelve-Five plan, large lifting machinery must be installed safety record device (also known as the security black box), and the production and marketing enterprises have strict requirements, construction machinery Tower crane black Box (also known as Tower Crane Remote Security monitoring System), it is mainly used in the real-time monitoring of tower crane, avoiding the safety accident caused by the negligence or judgment error of the operator, especially in the collision-proof function between multiple cranes in the tower Crane Group, the control of collision-proof function in the forbidden area of single tower crane, It can greatly guarantee the safe use of Tower machine.Multi-Turn Encoder

            With the rapid development of urban construction, tower cranes are more and more used in municipal construction, bridges, high-rise buildings and other construction sites. However, due to the great danger of tower cranes in use, the incidence of major injury accidents is also increasing. In order to effectively prevent and reduce the safety accident of Tower crane in the construction site, to ensure the safe and normal operation of cranes, August 2008, the State Administration of quality Supervision, inspection and quarantine, China National Standardization Management Committee, jointly issued the Tower Crane National standards, provisions from February 1, 2009 onwards,     Tower Crane must be equipped with acquisition, recording, display, transmission, early warning, alarm function of the safety record device-tower crane black box.Multi-Turn Encoder

             Tower Crane Safety Monitoring system is based on sensor technology, embedded technology, multi-data acquisition technology, data fusion processing, wireless sensor network and remote communication technology, efficiently and completely realize the real-time monitoring and warning alarm function of Tower Crane's single operation and collision prevention of group towers, and automatically suspend the dangerous action of tower crane while alarming. Sensor technology is the core of the whole monitoring and the most important link of reliability.Multi-Turn Encoder