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An Introduction To The Structural Materials And Quality Of Incremental Encoders

              Incremental encoder consists of a central axis of the optical code disk, on which there is a ring-like, dark engraved line, there is a photoelectric emission and receiving devices read, to obtain four sets of sine wave signal combination of a, B, C, D, each sine wave difference 90 degrees phase difference (compared to a cycle of 360 degrees), the C, D signal reverse, superimposed on a, b two-phase, can enhance the stability of the signal; each output of a Z-phase pulse to represent 0-bit reference bits. As a, b two-phase difference of 90 degrees, can be compared with a-phase before or B-phase in order to distinguish the positive and reverse encoder, through 0-bit pulse, can obtain the encoder of 0 reference places Shanghai electronic.Incremental Encoder

              Some company encoder code plate material has glass, metal, plastic, glass code plate is deposited very thin on the glass engraved line, its thermal stability is good, the precision is high, the metal code plate directly through and does not pass the engraved line, not easy to break, but because the metal has a certain thickness, the accuracy of the limit, its thermal stability than the glass is a number of the difference, the plastic code plate is economical, the cost is low, but the precision, thermal stability, life expectancy are some.

              Resolution-The encoder at 360 degrees per rotation to provide how much of the pass or dark engraved line is called resolution, also known as resolution of the degree, or directly to the number of lines, generally in each 5 10000 line.Incremental Encoder

              1 Grating line number is also called resolution: (the larger the size of the shape can be done by the larger the resolution) commonly used 100PPR, 500PPR, 1000PPR, 1024PPR, 2000PPR, 2500PPR 2 output mode: Set electrode open circuit output (universal type) complementary output, voltage output, long-term drive output, UVW output (more for servo motor) 3 working voltage: Conventional has the following several 5v 120 1 (general-purpose) 15-30v 4 Protection performance: Conventional for oil, dustproof, anti-seismic type.Incremental Encoder