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An Introduction To The Output Of Multi-Turn Encoder

     Multi-loop encoder signal output has parallel output, serial output, the total line output, the output of the same type of parallel output: Absolute encoder output is a number of digital (gray code or Pure binary code), parallel output is in the interface with a number of high and low level output to represent the digital 1 or 0, for the absolute encoder, generally directly in this form of output digital, direct access to the PLC or host computer I/O interface, the output immediately, the connection is simple.Multi-Turn Encoder
     Serial SSI output: The serial output is through the agreement, in time has successively data output, this kind of convention is called the communication stipulation, its connection physical form has RS232, RS422 (TTL), RS485 and so on. Since the absolute encoder is a good manufacturer in Germany, the serial output is mostly associated with Siemens in Germany, such as SSI synchronous serial output.Multi-Turn Encoder
     Multi-circle Absolute Encoder is based on the principle of mechanical transmission on the basis of the single ring encoder, which is made by the mechanical principle structure of clock gear. When the center grating Encoder rotates, the gear drives another set of yards (or multiple gears, multiple sets of code, on the basis of a single loop coding to increase the number of loop coding, in order to expand the range of the encoder, it is also determined by the mechanical location coding, each location encoding only not repeat, without memory. Multi-Loop Encoder Another advantage is due to large measurement range, the actual use is often rich more, so in the installation of unnecessary effort to find 0 points, a middle position as the starting point can be, thus greatly simplifying the difficulty of installation and debugging.Multi-Turn Encoder
     Fieldbus-Type output Fieldbus encoder is a plurality of encoders connected together by a pair of signal lines, through the setting of address, the transmission of signals by means of communication, the reception device of the signal is only one interface, you can read multiple encoder signals.Multi-Turn Encoder