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Absolute Encoder Detailed Features

Absolute Photoelectric Encoder Basic construction and features: Incremental photoelectric encoders are likely to cause incorrect counting due to external disturbances and can not find the correct location of the components before the accident can be found after a power outage or failure. Absolute Encoder

The above disadvantages can be avoided by using an absolute photoelectric encoder. Absolute photoelectric encoder basic principles and components and incremental photoelectric encoder is basically the same, but also by the light source, code plate, detection grating, photoelectric detection devices and conversion circuit components.Absolute Encoder

Unlike incremental photoelectric encoders, absolute optocouplers use different numbers to indicate each different incremental position, which is a direct output digital sensor. In its round chatter Absolute EncoderThere are a number of concentric codes in the radial direction, each consisting of a light-transmitting and opaque sector.The number of sectors in the adjacent code channel is double the number of code lines on the code is the number of bits of its binary number, the side of the code is the light source, the other side corresponds to each channel has a photosensitive element.Absolute Encoder

When the disc is in a different position, each of the photosensitive elements according to the light or not converted to the corresponding level signal to form a binary number.This encoder is characterized by not a counter, can be read anywhere in the shaft.

Absolute photoelectric encoder is the use of natural binary, cyclic binary (Gray code), two - decimal, etc. for photoelectric conversion.Absolute photoelectric encoder and incremental photoelectric encoder is different from the disc on the light, opaque line graphics, absolute photoelectric encoder can have a number of coding, according to read the code on the code, to detect the absolute position The It is characterized by the fact that the absolute value of the angle coordinates can be read directly; there is no cumulative error; the position information is not lost after the power is removed; the accuracy of the encoder depends on the number of bits; the maximum speed is higher than that of the incremental photoelectric encoder.Absolute Encoder